My passion of life are animals. They are beautiful, honest and full of love.

I early started to photograph all animals which crossed my way and it got a big hobby for me.

To be able to stop time, to make a memory which lasts a lifetime so you can have a look at it whenever you want to… and that smile on your face while you think about your friend, how much you love him or her and the moment the picture was taken…

I am 28 years old and am a proud owner of two dogs (Tamaskan Jack and Shiba Inu Jim), a horse (Liebenthaler Wildhorse Whisper) and 5 hamsters. They are my life and I love them to the moon and back. Of course they are standing often in front of my camera and are my favorite models. 🙂

As I am living in Belgium, but working in Germany, I am  travelling a lot between Germany, Netherlands and Belgium.  You can talk to me in German, Dutch and Englisch.

A loving handling with animals is very important for me. My animals are my friends, no subjects which have to do what I want. They are allowed to have their own opinion and by that also allowed to say “no” if they don’t feel comfy or if it’s just not their day.

I am very patient, I can wait till the animal I want to photograph relaxes and is able to do tricks (sit or laying down) or just does whatever it wants to do. So don’t worry if your animal isn’t “trained” to behave always perfectly or is a bit nervous cause you are nervous, too. It’s not only about making pictures, it’s about creating a nice atmosphere where you and your animal are relaxed, happy and just yourself.

A big thanks to Linda Gaul from Creapic Fotografie for these great pictures of my boys and me.
I love them! ♥