How a photoshoot with me usually works

First of all, we got TIME, a lot of it! 🙂 I don’t charge the duration of the shoot, neither do I have a maximum duration.

When we fix a date, I will ask you about your wishes.

Do you want a indoor photoshoot with my flashlights or do you want a outdoor shoot (without flashlights)?
According to my experience no animal ever had a problem with the lights themselves. Some are scared about a paper backround, but I more like to work with the backrounds we find at your home. In my photostudio in Germany I got a big area painted completely in white, so no scary sounds when the animal touches a paper backround. Your animal will get as much time to get used to the situation as it needs. And if we feel that it really doesn’t feel comfy, we always can stop or change to an outdoor shoot.

Do you want me to come to you or will you come to me? If I have to come somewhere, I need to charge a bit for it.

If you want a specific picture I will do my very best to fulfill your wishes. But as we are working with living animals, I can’t give you any guarantee.

Mostly we just enjoy the time together in a beautiful surrounding with your loved ones. We will see what is possible and maybe also what is not.
With a lot patience it should be possible to get at least a few nice shots.

I love to get to know you and your animal, your story. Cuddles, dog- or horsekisses and a lot of fun are very welcome! 😉

When we decide we got enough pictures or your animal shows us that it doesn’t want to pose any longer, the work for me and the waiting for you begins.
Believe me, I know how hard it is to wait for the results, but I need time to see the pictures, sort and judge them. A few days after our shooting I will show you the best pictures and you can decide which ones you would like to get. I will improve them with the help of Lightroom and Photoshop, which again needs a bit patience from your side. At the end you will get your favorite pictures in large printing quality and also in smaller size with my logo on it for social media.

You are interested in a photoshoot?

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