Pampa Trainingcamp

We were at the Pampa Trainingcamp in Belgium last weekend. My boyfriend with his 9 Alaskan Huskies and I with my Tamaskan Jack and my Shiba Inu Jim.

On Friday night I did a round of 17 km with Jack and on Sunday I did a run with both of my dogs for 12 km. The rest of the time they were in our Tentipi tent and enjoyed resting in front of the stove.

It was actually too warm and also a bit rainy, but the dogs all did great. As it was perfect weather to photograph, I managed to get some shots.

Looking forward to the Pampa Race and Sentower Race! 🙂

I am back!


I am back and can’t wait to fill this page with lots of pictures and stories! 😀

So wait for it……